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Benefits of your partnership with Amur Equipment Finance

We want what’s best for you. There are many advantages to partnering with Amur Equipment Finance (AmurEF) not the least of which is our ability to provide lease products as well as loan products that best fit the needs of our customers and vendor partners.

There are financial benefits that apply to both equipment leases and loans such as:

Conserve Your Capital
Financing with AmurEF lets you keep capital free for investment or other business expenses instead of tying it up in fixed assets.  Reinvest the cash you conserve into inventory or a new marketing promotion – investments that can bring real profits to your business and higher returns on investment.

Lengthens Terms of Payments
Terms can be structured for much of the useful life of the equipment, often extending well beyond terms normally available through a bank transaction.

Lower upfront costs
Our payment plans require less money to get started than traditional bank loans. Bank financing typically requires 20% down, while we may require 1-2 payments in advance (2-4%).

Preserve Existing Credit Lines
Financing with AmurEF gives you a new source of credit for present and future needs, while your existing bank lines remain intact for other uses.

100% Financing
Unlike bank loans, AmurEF lets you finance the cost of the equipment, plus installation, maintenance, taxes, shipping charges, and even software.

Less Restrictive Financing
In most cases, AmurEF only encumbers the equipment you are financing, with an asset specific lien. Traditional bank financing usually encumbers the entire business and bank lines with blanket liens.

Through our leasing programs, you can gain additional benefits such as:

Tax Benefits
One of the tax advantages of leasing is a reduced cost of obtaining equipment. Depending on the type of lease you choose, you may be able to write off the entire monthly payment as an operating expense or capitalize the outlay

Avoid Technical Obsolescence
Leasing enables you to upgrade and replace equipment altogether, as technology and your needs change.

*Be sure to consult your own accountant or tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of your leasing and financing transactions.

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