March 26th, 2019

The 10 Most Active Vendor Leasing companies 2019

Buying equipment or technology has become easier due to the increasing prevalence of vendor leasing. Leasing makes it easier for business owners to buy equipment or invest in new technology by spreading the costs of their equipment purchases over time. A small-town company with a big ambition to be the best independent equipment finance company in North America, Amur Equipment Finance is well on its way to support this growth model. Amur Equipment Finance started in 1996 in Grand Island, Nebraska. AmurEF is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are equipped with the right financing structure to grow and succeed as they purchase new business essential assets. Following a significant capital investment in 2013, and a strengthening of its leadership team, it became one of the largest US equipment finance companies. Today, AmurEF is a national ranked independent commercial equipment finance provider that employs more than 120 employees across the U.S. AmurEF focuses on heartland industries ranging from transportation to manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. It also continues to develop expert knowledge about emerging technology sectors to support their acquisition as they become mainstays of tomorrow’s economy.

AmurEF’s uniqueness and ambitions are symbolized by its unusual symbol and mascot: the Amur leopard. One of the world’s rarest species, the Amur leopard lives on the other side of the world, along the Amur River in snow-covered Siberia. Its defining characteristics of curiosity, agility and tenacity, the Amur leopard captures the company’s curiosity to learn about its customers’ specific needs, its agility to grow and change as markets and industries evolve, and most importantly, its tenacity to do what it takes to provide a valuable service to its customers.

AmurEF’s philosophy is that a service orientated culture may end with the customer, but must begin with the company’s internal values “Our vision is to become the industry’s employer of choice. To be the best, means we

must hire and retain the best people, and to do this we must provide every member of our team with a career that gives them a sense of pride and allows them to grow,” our CEO, explained. “People are the engine of every great business and our people are core to making us great,” he added.


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