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The materials recovery business in the United States has grown substantially in the last ten years. Materials recovery facilities or MRFs typically receive previously separated recyclable materials from municipal solid waste facilities, which those materials then go through a complex process of sorting. Optical sorters are generally used in the late stages of sorting as they specifically focus on separating materials such as glass and plastics. Once the material is identified, and optical air jet sorters uses a timed blast of air to remove a specific material and place it into the appropriate collection bin.

Optical sorter technology has been improving quickly over the years and now can successfully be used to remove other materials such as fiber and paper.

Amur Equipment Finance works directly with you to ensure you quickly have the optical sorter machine financing when you need it most. Amur Equipment Finance can help improve your bottom line by providing you with flexible equipment finance and lease solutions that address your specific processing facility needs. Our funding solutions range from $10K to $2MM, and we work to provide you with prompt credit decisions to help save you time. All our solutions are designed to help you lower your upfront costs and conserve your capital. Amur Equipment Finance is here for all your waste management and processing equipment financing and leasing needs.

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