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Container Handler Financing

Amur Equipment Finance is ready to help you get a handle on your financing needs by providing you with flexible and fast finance and lease solutions for all your container handling equipment.

Loading and unloading containers around a port requires specialized equipment. You may have a need for loaded container handlers or unloaded, but in either case, the containers need to be moved safely and quickly. Amur Equipment Finance specializes in providing you with fast and flexible finance and lease solutions for all your container handler needs. We provide funding ranging from as little as $10K up to $2MM.

Our finance products, such as the Equipment Finance Lease, allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of ownership, including depreciation allowances like IRS Section 179. Our lease products, such as the Operating Lease or Finance Lease, are designed to give you the flexibility you require such as upgrading to new equipment at the end of the term or providing you with the option to purchase the container handler at the end of the lease. All our solutions are designed to help you save money by lowering your upfront costs and conserving your capital.

At Amur Equipment Finance, we make the entire process easy for you. Our quick online application tool removes the guesswork and minimizes paperwork. And we also provide you with prompt credit decisions, so you can get back to transporting goods.

If you are in the market for container handling equipment or container handlers, then look no further than Amur Equipment Finance. Our specialists will provide you with a customized financial solution that meets your needs.

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