Packaging Equipment Financing Testimonial

By: Jacklynn Manning  
January 31st, 2019

About Bottling & Packaging Systems

Every day, millions of people reach for a bottle of their favorite product: soda, mouthwash, wines, spirits, and condiments are but just a few examples. Yet, in the quest of consuming these goods, rarely do we consider the highly engineered process of manufacturing through bottling and packaging.

Bottling and packaging systems are engineering marvels that have brought great efficiencies and value to a multitude of industries, while also extending that value to the consumer. The equipment responsible for filling bottles, whether with liquid, powder, or tablets, must maintain precise measurements, ensure hygienic design, and be able to process vast quantities of product. Add tamper-resistant packaging, safety seals and a need to differentiate a brand while incorporating industry standard regulatory requirements, a precision bottling and packaging system becomes critical to both the aesthetics and function of the product: providing consumers with the best product in a form that gives manufacturers instant brand recognition.

Who Is DTM Packaging?

Boston-based DTM Packaging is a company well-known for providing manufacturers of consumer products, personal hygiene products and beverages with turn-key bottling and packaging equipment and solutions. As a manufacturer and remanufacturer of complete bottling and packaging equipment, DTM serves customers ranging from small manufacturing operations all the way up to major multi-national corporations.

DTM provides sales and service for a range of equipment, including: bottle unscramblers, fillers, cappers, labelers, and case packaging equipment, yet their offerings don’t end here. As a full-service bottling and packaging business, DTM also provides customers with complete engineering and consulting services designed to help customers solve complex challenges in their production lines. From single pieces to entire packaging lines, DTM creates highly efficient, value-added packaging systems that maximize return on assets.

Equipment Finance Solutions

Just over five years ago however, DTM had one very important component missing in their overall business offering - the ability to offer their customers with financing solutions for their manufactured and remanufactured bottling and packaging equipment.

During a chance meeting at the Pack Expo International tradeshow in Chicago, AmurEF learned of this business need. Guy Tringale, DTM Managing Partner lightheartedly recalls, “we gave AmurEF exactly five minutes to make their case.”

From that brief meeting, it was clear that AmurEF could help DTM close more business, faster. Tringale acknowledged, “we see great value in having AmurEF working with us.”

AmurEF approaches DTM’s business with the same objective it has for all vendor partners– provide fast financing and leasing solutions that are designed around the customer’s needs,. From the start of the relationship, AmurEF set out to make the entire process easy for DTM and their customers.

“What I like about working with AmurEF is all I have to do is make a phone call, send them a copy of the quote and give them the contact’s name,” Tringale said.

After the initial handshake, AmurEF takes ownership of the process - working directly with DTM’s end customers to to help them quickly acquire the bottling and packaging equipment they need through a tailored payment structure.

DTM certainly does not want to encounter any issues which could halt the process, or worse yet, end the potential sale. AmurEF specialists are comfortable working with a broad range of credit profiles and collaborate  with DTM’s customers to provide them with customized equipment finance solutions – helping to ensure the sale is completed on schedule and as planned. As, Tringale describes, “It allows DTM’s whole process of quotation to purchase order to happen in a timely manner.” He reiterated, “the entire process is quick and seamless.”

About the Author

Jacklynn Manning is the Vice President of Marketing at Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. and a Certified Lease Finance Professional. Mrs. Manning is responsible for marketing its products and services to customers, partners and vendors alike, bringing more than 20 years of marketing experience to her role.


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