The Power of Digital Marketing | Omni-Channel Marketing

By: Jacklynn Manning  
March 25th, 2019

Growing Your Business Through Omni-Channel Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to create a digital marketing plan?  Or perhaps how to exploit business development opportunities on the Internet?  I often get asked “where do I start?”  I’ve created a few go-to tips regarding tools and channels you should consider in 2019 to make your marketing and lead generation efforts drive powerful results for your brand.  This post represents the first of a series of blogs that will cover everything from a beginner’s guide to building a keyword strategy to options for retargeting, the power of search, content marketing, as well as tactics and tips to help you build and grow your business through Omni-Channel Marketing.  So, let’s dive in!

The Digital Landscape Today

We live in a world where many different digital marketing channels and features are easily available with a click of a button.  The digital landscape today combines the more foundational and traditional channels like pay-per-click, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, with newer tools such as artificial intelligence, visual search, and predictive analytics.  As user behavior evolves, so do channels and tools, including the advancement of technological tools, data access and analytics.  All together, they all play a critical role in the customer lifecycle.

Even if you believe you are “up-to-date” on the latest marketing tools, the technological landscape changes quickly, and newer, faster, more efficient tools become readily available at quicker than ever speeds.  What you did last year might not necessarily work for you in 2019 and beyond.  It’s critical to remain familiar with the most effective marketing strategies, and most recent technology available, to ensure you are spending your marketing dollars wisely – and receiving the return on investment you desire.

New Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies

Many new digital marketing trends and strategies are rapidly evolving in this high-tech, Internet-connected age.  Whether you are a one-person owner operator, or have a large marketing team at your disposal, there are many opportunities in today’s modern digital landscape.  To succeed in full, your business now needs to effectively and efficiently leverage channels, tools and streams available to grow your brand and your bottom line.

Before you can take advantage of the robust offerings that exist today, the most important place to start in creating a digital marketing plan is identifying your target market.  Determine who they are, where they are, what channels they use, and what is relevant to that particular audience.  It’s about providing a seamless customer and brand experience, regardless of which channel or device they prefer.  It’s also about predicting the right place and the right time when your target audience desires to consume the information you provide.

How to Differentiate Your Brand

In recent years, the B2B sales cycle has increased in length.  Buyers are spending much more time researching brands and products than ever before.  That’s where marketing plays a critical role in setting your brand apart from the competition.  It’s imperative to differentiate your brand at the beginning of the search funnel.  The beginning of the search funnel just happens to be across several vast and unique channels.

As we dive deeper into this digital marketing and social media series, we will focus on the concept of diversifying marketing efforts, also known as implementing an Omni-Channel Marketing strategy.  When it comes to creating an Omni-Channel Marketing strategy, the most important and critical rule is to diversify your marketing efforts into multiple channels, platforms, streams and opportunities. In other words, be where your prospective customers reside.  Be relevant in this new age, and most importantly, be optimized.

Join us next time for A Beginners Guide to Building a Keyword Strategy.

About the Author

Jacklynn Manning is the Vice President of Marketing at Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. and a Certified Lease Finance Professional. Mrs. Manning is responsible for marketing its products and services to customers, partners and vendors alike, bringing more than 20 years of marketing experience to her role.


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