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Micelli Chocolate Molding | Equipment Financing Success Story

By: Rachel Trainer  
February 13th, 2019

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sales

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist your sweet tooth. This time of year, stores stock their shelves with chocolate of every variety, enticing customers to purchase something sweet in red and pink packaging for their sweetheart. Whether you prefer a classic square of milk chocolate, round caramel filled-truffles, or a heart-shaped treat, there’s something for every taste and preference.

The association between chocolate and romance goes back as far as the Aztecs in the 15th century, and today, candy companies capitalize on that notion, with over 58 million pounds of chocolate sold on Valentine’s Day in 2018. This year, Valentine’s Day candy sales are expected to exceed $1.8 billion.

The Equipment Behind Custom Chocolate Molds

Manufacturing chocolate candy requires special molds produced by only a handful of companies, and Amur Equipment Finance is lucky to have worked with one of them. Micelli Chocolate Molds is the only industrial chocolate molds manufacturer in North America, working with large multinational brands to create custom molds for some of the confectionary treats you love.

Founded in 1946, Micelli Chocolate Molds has managed to remain at the top of its industry by consistently adapting to changes in technology. AmurEF has helped them acquire the equipment necessary to catapult the company to 60% growth within one year.                                            

Chocolate Manufacturing Success Story

Tim Goddeau, Micelli Operations Manager, has built his career on helping companies grow through modernization. When a large domestic chocolate manufacturer approached Micelli to produce a large order on a tight schedule, Tim knew the company required a new high-speed injection molding machine to meet the production speed and quantity requirements of this customer.

Tim immediately flew to China to inspect the required new molding machine, but after approving the purchase, Micelli needed to quickly secure financing. Time was of the essence. Micelli had to acquire the equipment, move it from China to the U.S. and begin manufacturing immediately. Recognizing the need for quick and smooth financing, the equipment manufacturer recommended that Tim contact John Bortle, an AmurEF National Account Manager.

Drawing on his years of extensive industry experience, John was able to structure the financing and ensure that Micelli could acquire the equipment needed to complete the large project on time. By relying on AmurEF for their financing needs, Micelli was able to move on the equipment, ship it to the US, and complete the job on time.

The Chocolate Industry Continues to Boom

AmurEF’s speedy service and knowledgeable staff were paramount to Micelli’s success, ensuring Micelli’s continued presence as a major provider in the chocolate industry.

This Valentine’s Day, as you savor your favorite chocolate candy, take a moment to observe its unique design.  Each drizzle, swirl, and engraving was thoughtfully molded to create an indulgent treat.

About the Author

Rachel Trainer is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Amur Equipment Finance. In this role, Rachel creates a compelling online customer experience through social media, emails, and website content. 


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