Employee Appreciation Day Everyday

By: Jackie Havel, PHR, SHRM-CP  
February 28th, 2019

Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with AmurEF

Friday, March 1st marks National Employee Appreciation Day.  This holiday is an opportunity for all businesses, regardless of size or sector, to acknowledge the efforts of all the professionals they employ and the contributions they bring to the organization’s success.

Here at AmurEF, we treat National Employee Appreciation Day as a special occasion to remind every employee that they are valued and crucial to our overall efforts.  In fact, we think it’s so important that we celebrate with an entire week of events and gestures large and small.

Each day this week, employees received a special form of appreciation, including gifts and thoughtful notes left on their desks, company-sponsored lunches, and breakfast hand-served by their managers.

We know that our employees truly make our company unique, and we strive to recognize their contributions throughout the year.  This includes our Peer-To-Peer Recognition Program as well as awards for Employee of the Month, Leader of the Quarter and Sales Person of the Quarter.

Everyday Employee Recognition Benefits the Entire Company

Whether you run a construction company, an automotive repair business or restaurant franchise, employee recognition is important every day of the year.  In fact, a culture of appreciation can dramatically benefit your company in the long run.

Studies show that creating a culture of employee appreciation increases productivity, service delivery, retention and morale.  Modern technology giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple bank on this, devoting extensive time and resources to making every workday a special experience.

How You Can Create an Employee Recognition System

Every company, regardless of budget, can strive to create a culture of employee appreciation.  Here are some tactics you can use to recognize employees in your small- or medium-sized business.

  • Peer-to-peer recognition.  Provide opportunities for employees to thank and recognize one another for good work.  This could be as simple as a public bulletin board where peers can thank one another for a job well done.  Another example is a “kudos box,” where employees write notes praising one another’s work.  These notes are later read aloud at a team or company meeting.  The goal is to create a space where employees feel their voice is heard while promoting comradery between colleagues.
  • Frequent verbal feedback.  Don’t wait for an annual review to provide your employees with honest feedback on their work.  Create opportunities for weekly and monthly feedback on both everyday tasks and special projects.  Of course, don’t forget the simple “Thank you” in a hand-written note or verbally when you surprise them with their favorite drink.
  • Get personal.  Strive to understand what makes your employees tick.  Schedule regular one-on-ones with them in a comfortable setting, such as a coffee or lunch break.  Let employees know they are valued by learning about their interests outside of work, as well as their passions, strengths, and goals.  Perhaps you will even uncover a hidden talent that can be incorporated into their role and enhance their value.

This year and beyond, use National Employee Appreciation Day as a springboard to boost company morale and develop long-term approaches to strengthen the fabric of your company’s culture.


About the Author

Jackie has been employed as Vice President Human Resources since May 2014. She has 20 years’ experience in the Human Resources field and is currently serving as president-elect for Central NE HR Chapter. Jackie has also volunteered in the Grand Island community for over 15 years including serving on three different non-profit boards.


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