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Inventor engineering robot

Spirit of Innovation

Inventions That Changed The World In 1983, then President Reagan signed a declaration proclaiming February 11 as “National Inventors’ Day”.  This day was chosen precisely because it marks the...
Developer designing secure website

National Data Privacy Day: Staying Safe Online

What Is Data Privacy Day? January 28 is Data Privacy Day, a national holiday surrounding the protection of data.  It was first recognized by the United States in 2009 and is focused on raising...
Man completing tax return documents

How To File Taxes For 2018

The Tax Cuts and Job Acts (TCJA) was passed at the end of 2017.  As we start to file 2018 tax returns, we will start to see the effects of this act.  Many have called TCJA the most sweeping tax...

ADVANCEMENTS IN MANAGING RISK – A Key Element for Every Finance Company

Risk management is a central pillar for all leasing companies that want to stay in business long term. However, there exists a natural tendency to adopt a narrow field of vision when assessing credit...
Accountant filing taxes

What is Section 179?

What is Section 179? A Section 179 tax deduction is a portion of the IRS tax code that allows business owners to immediately deduct the cost of new equipment that they finance, lease or purchase.  ...