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The Sale is not Complete Until the Financing is in Place

Regardless of the equipment you sell or the cost, your sale is not complete until the financing is in place. Successful equipment vendors whether they be manufacturers, distributors, importers or dealers, all utilize financing to show they are “easy to buy from” and their products are “affordable”.  Proactively offering financing by incorporating a monthly payment with every sales quote significantly speeds up the sales cycle, decreases discounting and often increases the overall sale when the customer adds additional items once they see the small incremental increase in the monthly payment.  

Amur Equipment Finance (AmurEF) professionals have a long history of offering creative and flexible finance programs that lead to more sales for our vendor partners. In a world where equipment financing has become a commodity, our creativity in designing custom finance programs for our vendor partners sets us apart from other finance companies. Here are some of the key differentiators:

  • AmurEF is a Direct Lender: Providing very competitive pricing, fast turnaround time, and better service levels for you and your customers throughout the life or their contract.
  • Application Only up to $500,000
  • Wide Credit Appetite (A to C credits)  for transactions ranging from $10,000 to 2,000,000+
  • Custom web based payment calculators that can be integrated in to your website or used on mobile devices making it easy to quote payments and get the deal off the street faster.
  • Email notifications for App status changes from App received to Funded – allowing your sales people to make more sales calls rather than calling for updates on an application.
  • Prefunding – up to 100% available.
  • Marketing support:  email campaigns, trade show support, advertising, etc.

Contact us today to have an AmurEF sales person contact you to determine how we can custom tailor a financing program for you. 

Courteous, professional service coupled with rapid credit turnaround and prompt vendor payments are only the beginning at AmurEF. We can process and approve the widest range of credits from A to C credits at structures that are agreeable to your customer. This leads to more sales for you. Our application only programs offer same day turnaround and our financial disclosure applications are reviewed and approved before our competitors even understand them.

Even with our broad range or resources, there are some credits that cannot be approved. We can help you to prequalify your prospects early in the sales cycle so you and your sales force are not wasting precious time and resources on those prospects that will never be approved for the financing needed to close the sale.


We offer a variety of technology solutions to help you sell faster, easier, and better.

- API INTEGRATIONS | Submission Connector, Web Based Push and Process Notifications
- ELECTRONIC DOCS | Create, Send, Sign…Done.
- ANALYTICS PACKAGE | Receive Portfolio Performance Data